Woolwich Township and Curb My Clutter

Woolwich Township is first community in the U.S. to use this innovative platform to make curbside collection of used clothing and electronics seamless for its citizens.

“The process was perfect!  Thanks very much! More communities need to have this service, and I have never understood why they do not. Keep up the great work!”

– Doris K, Woolwich Township Resident

“Woolwich Township is committed to reducing waste in our community and bringing services that improve the lives of our residents. Curb My Clutter will help our community expand waste diversion and bring a service that our residents want.”     

                 – Mayor Jordan Schlump

Collection Updates


141 residents



5,699 lbs
of clothing collected

12,033 lbs
electronics collected


Landfill diversion total: 17,702 lbs

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards by taking photos of clothing and electronic items for collection! Receiving these images prior to collection enables us to optimize our collection routes and sort efficiently, reducing operational costs so we can collect most items for free.

Current reward options include: $10.00 Amazon gift card OR you can choose to donate that $10 to:  

  1. Unless Contest - Mrs. Bussott's class Golden Lion Tamarin Fundraiser

  2. Woolwich Little League

  3. Swedesboro Woolwich PTO

  4. South Jersey Warriors

  5. Kingsway Football

  6. Swedesboro Woolwich Parks and Recreation

Refer a neighbor! If they use CMC to recycle their clothing and electronics, and mention your name, you'll both receive an additional $5.00 Amazon gift card.

Please note: rewards are subject to change. Collection of photographed items must be completed to be eligible for rewards redemption. Photos of TVs and computer monitors are not eligible.


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Please note: there is a $35.00 convenience fee for each standard TV or CRT Computer Monitor
$100 per Extra Large TV, Rear Projection TV or Wooden Cabinet TV