Using Curb My Clutter

What if I can not text?

You can simply call the “text” number at 610-TEXT-CMC (610-839-8262) and leave a voice mail message.  A CMC agent will contact you and register your collection over the phone.

If I can’t take pictures can I still schedule a collection? 

You can still set up a collection without pictures.  The value of being able to provide pictures make you eligible for valuable rewards.  

Why do I need to take pictures of my items?   

Having images of your items prior to collection enables us to optimize our collection routes and sortation post collection. That is how we reduce the cost to operate the program, enabling us to collect most items at no charge and offer you rewards for recycling. 


Why do you ask me if I want CMC to ring my doorbell?

Some items such as computers, phones and tablets may contain confidential information.  If you prefer to have those items collected at your door by a Curb My Clutter representative, then we will ring your doorbell to personally collect those items to assure that the data is wiped. 

I am outside the current service area, how do I get Curb My Clutter in my community?

We’d be happy to help, but we need your help first.  Please contact your municipal leaders and ask them to consider bringing Curb My Clutter to your community.


How do I get rewarded?

After collection occurs your appointment number is activated for rewards redemption and you will be sent instructions on how to redeem on line. 


Why does it matter if I recycle clothing?

It may be hard to believe but 85% of all clothing is currently sent to landfill at a major cost to taxpayers.  It’s very important for our environment and our economy that these resources are not wasted by ending their life in a landfill or incinerator.  Curb My Clutter is focused on finding  new purposes for these products.

What happens to my recycled clothing?

A large percentage of used clothing continues to be worn either in the US or abroad.  Some used clothing is remanufactured into new clothing or products such as specialty wipers (rags) for industry or insulation.  Clothing has superior sound dampening properties and can be found in many cars today.

Will you take my towels and bedsheets?

Yes!  Towels and bedsheets are acceptable items by Curb My Clutter

I'm moving. Can you accept my old rugs, carpets, furniture and mattresses?

These items are not accepted by Curb My Clutter.

If I have bags of clothing, what should I take pictures of?

Please Take A Picture of: any item that is new or like new, women’s or men's business suits or sport coats, outdoor apparel (such as Patagonia, North Face, Columbia Sportswear), dress shirts, winter coats, jackets, sweaters, jeans and sneakers. Items such as t-shirts, socks, underwear, sheets and towels should go in the bag without a picture.

Can I get a tax write off for items collected by Curb My Clutter?

Curb My Clutter is a service provided by your municipality and is not eligible for tax deductions.


Swedesboro already provides curbside collection of electronics will Curb My Clutter be offering the services as well?

Swedesboro will continue to curbside collection of electronics.  Curb My Clutter will only provide collection of clothing.