Easier Recycling for Everyone

CURB MY CLUTTER enables haulers and municipalities to conveniently communicate with customers to collect and recycle clothing and electronics. The product images submitted by users enable CMC to identify the highest value markets while avoiding the cost of holding inventory. CMC has relationships with the largest and the most innovative markets for recycling, refurbishment and resale.



Recycling in the palm of your hand...

  1. Text your name and address
  2. Send photos of clothing and electronic items to be recycled
  3. Confirm collection appointment
"The pickup is just outside our front door. I don’t have to worry about lugging heavy bags in and out of our car, or even leaving the house for that matter.”  - Bob H., 71, Retired




Optimize service by...

  • Managing multiple customer interactions at once
  • Responding automatically, no matter what time of day the request is received
  • Maintaining a complete, archived record of all interactions
  • Building relationship with customers through a new, more direct means of communication
  • Customizing routes, schedules, and pickup windows to provide efficient service


Gain new access to...

  • Details on items collected and control where used products are headed after collection
  • Reports on the recycling rates of apparel and electronics
  • Customer decisions at the point of disposal and opportunities to build customer loyalty by participating in reward/incentive programs